Industry Standard NY Jeans (the jeans you'll live in) 

Duryea's Lobster Deck in Montauk. BYO rose wine, lobster on the deck, sunset. Perfection. 

The Usual's fifth issue, read it here

The best swim wear from Bantu Wax

Summer dress. Wedding dress. Work dress. Perfect dress. (Kistuné)

The new issue of Kinfolk, dedicated to salt n' the sea.

The gold screw cuff from Miansai and gold code rings from Lulu Frost



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At home with Missoni

Post recession, marketers have learnt the importance of brand loyalty. The Spring Summer 2010 Missoni campaign was shot by Juergen Teller featuring a series of family portraits at the Missoni home. Their recognition of the need to connect with their followers signifies a shift in traditional advertising methods and a return to simple straightforward messages that influence an emotional resonance with consumers.


Life looks better in blur

My new lens arrived today and I excitedly ran around taking pictures of everything, I can't wait to try it out in New York. Thanks to my gorgeous friend and photographer Nat for the advice!


Trousers; not for boys

I have a thing for trousers. Peg top, harem, high waist, tailored, belted and pocketed, I like to believe they bring a certain effortless chic to an outfit. So it was with particular delight and notions of a certain Dries look that I recently uncovered these ones in a thrift shop. 

Unfortunately my boyfriend doesn't appear to share the same trouser sentiment. Whilst I look in the mirror and conjure visions of long legged Chloe girls galloping down the runway in soft silk caramel, he takes a different view and judging by a recent observation I'm guessing his is more grandma with her slacks on than wholesome highlights from Hannah Macgibbon. 

I'm afraid tailored trousers might belong within the same realm as many of Carrie Bradshaw's outfits do; venerated and emulated by women worldwide yet remain completely stupefying to your average male. On that note, I'm off to hunt for my latest vision, a nice pair of khaki high waisted ones, bet the boyf will love them. 

Trousers, Endeavor Foundation Paddington
Jacket, Bardot
T shirt, Country Road
Shoes, Sportsgirl
Bag, Mulberry
Photos, long suffering boyfriend and trouser lover Paul (thanks babe)


Busy with anticipation

I've been busy. Working, rummaging in thrift shops and of course planning New York. Most importantly I've been looking for somewhere to call home. Any suggestions for good areas? These photos from our last trip give me goosebumps of anticipation; I can't wait to see those dusty streets and ginkgo trees again.


Reflective thoughts

Jacket, Bardot
Shorts, Country Road
Shirt, Witchery
Belt, Vintage
Accessories, Sportsgirl & vintage

It's fair to say my relationship with Australia hasn't always been a great love story.  Australia and England might share the same tongue but past that cultural differences can be vast and idiosyncrasies viewed as characteristic through tourist eyes can become obtuse, awkward contentions when struggling to find familiarity. It's taken two years to feel as though I've found my feet; the essential building blocks such as meeting friends, knowing where a great coffee shop is and making connections in the industry have finally fallen into place. 
I took a long walk today, and even though I can't wait for the New York adventure to begin,  there was an ache of sadness when I considered what I will leave behind; great friends, arching blue skies and a country where if you look just a little, you will find creativity in bounds.