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New Dress

This new dress is a particular blend of man repelling. Billowy, shapeless, embroidered. I love it. Boyfriend's response to new dress: "It looks a little bit like a duvet cover" Result!

{Dress: Paul and Joe, bag: Zara, sandals: Zara, accessories: vintage & Brooklyn Charm}


Stoop Sale

Here I am, living the dream, pretending I'm just hanging out on my stoop, you know. 
After a crazy week of work & meetings (including a couple with the gorgeous Christine from My Style Pill) I'm bringing in the weekend with some well deserved cocktails. Have a good weekend!
{Skirt: Helmut Lang, sandals: Zara, shirt: H&M, bag: Mulberry, belt: Vintage, accessories: Shashi, vintage & Brooklyn Charm. Nailpolish: Essie Sag Harbor & Clambake}


Happy Anniversary, New York

One year ago today I moved to New York. I arrived with a suitcase of shoes, a head full of dreams, no job and no where to live. Friends of mine and people who read this blog will know my amazing little brother Adam had recently passed away. I left family, friends and familiarity for this hot,  heaving, dusty city; determined to prove I could pick up the pieces, follow my dreams and build a life.

There's a saying, 'nothing worth having comes easy' and looking back, I remember feeling quite sorry for myself for the first few months- all in all some rather privileged problems to experience. One second this city crushes you to pieces and the next creates a moment so beautiful you want to cry. And sometimes, you cry because you spent your weekly food budget on a cocktail.

So one year on. I have a job I love, an awesome apartment, an amazing boyfriend and group of friends who are like family- definitely a life. Thanks New York, it's been lovely.


New shoes

I'm on the perennial hunt for tan shoes- and these ones are pretty darn perfect. I hunted them out in the Zara sale and I've worn them every day since.
{Shoes, accessories & bag: Zara, dress: vintage, accessories: Catbird, Vintage & Shashi}



{Dress: Chloe, sunnies: Topshop, accessories: vintage}