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Back on the Grid

{From top, left to right: Anouk Colantoni and Nicole Warne looking muy lovely, Brahmin: check them out, gorgeous bags aplenty. Candice Lake demonstrating her best photographer yoga, whilst Anouk Colantoni looks every inch a New Yorker next to two yellow cabs. Candice holding up traffic on 6th Ave- no models were harmed. Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage, absolutely stunning despite the drenching rain and 4.30am call time.}

So, I've completely fallen off the map recently and there is a reason why. I don't usually go into detail about what I do for a living, but when I'm not posting pictures of myself (which sounds almost as ridiculous as it is) I'm dreaming up creative campaigns and digital strategy for fashion brands. So, as you can imagine, around this time of year everything gets rather busy and I don't have time for outfit posts. And trust me, there's no better formula for mismatching outfits and dark circles under the old eyes like pulling together a 24 page advertising shoot in five days, which includes an international photographer and cast, various NYC locations, and the tail end of a hurricane.

Miraculously, it all came together and we shot Brahmin's Holiday look book with the gorgeous Candice Lake, (who is just as stunning, funny and talented as everybody says she is.) It intermittently poured with rain all day but the crew was amazing and all I can say is, thank god for the luxurious RV- our temporary Tribeca home which housed a crew of 30. It was literally 4 times the size of my apartment.

Now Holiday is shot, it's onto Spring!

Check out Candice's take here.

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What a fun job u have......


September 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJen S.

wow! i'm totally jelaous of your job :) glad to hear that everything turned out great!

xxx," rel="nofollow">Fashion Fractions

September 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNeris / Fashion Fractions
September 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterClara Turbay

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